• Disk space : 1 Gb
  • Bandwith: 100 Gb
  • Sites: 1
  • Backups: +
  • Free cPanel account: +
  • Support 24/7: +


  • Disk space : 15 Gb
  • Bandwith: 300 Gb
  • Sites: 10
  • Backups: +
  • Free cPanel account: +
  • Support 24/7: +


  • Disk space : 15 Gb
  • Bandwith: 1 Tb
  • Sites: 50
  • Backups: +
  • Free cPanel account: +
  • Support 24/7: +


  • Disk space : 100 Gb
  • Bandwith: 1 Tb
  • Sites: Unlimited
  • Backups: +
  • Free cPanel account: +
  • Support 24/7: +


IPv6 protocol

Pv4 popular now, but it’s old-fashioned. IPv6 is a future now. With us you’ll receive IPv6 support out of the box.

Traffic pool

possibility of connecting servers with the same position to the mutual pool.


Backed by some of the biggest names in the industry, Firefox OS is an open platform that fosters greater


large selection of Intel processors from Atom to E5.


What is a dedicated server? Which is better for you VPS or Dedicated?

VPS or Dedicated server?

What is the server best choice for your own business? All of customers have problems with the choice. You can find answers below.

The servers that are utilized for hosting sites and putting away their substance don't have a similar proficiency so you can discover distinctive answers for hosting sites, for example, shared site hosting, VPS hosting and we additionally have dedicated hosting or servers. There are many elements that ought to be contemplated when you pick the service that will be utilized for hosting your site. The size of space that is exhibited to store the substance of your own site, the level of dependability that is suggested to make your site all time active and you have full control the server. Other hosting services don't offer it.

There is not a hosting arrangement that can be prescribed to all website admins who need to have their sites facilitated on the grounds that the sites contrast from each other in their necessities, so you have first to choose your requests and your business' prerequisites to recognize what to pick. The servers that offer more proficiency and unwavering quality can be found in both of hosting, however which one should you decide for your own site. Here are the differences between this servers.

Dedicated web hosting

You could hosted on dedicated server rental alone by dedicated web hosting. There is not another site that imparts the server to you, so you can appreciate the most elevated amount of speed, security, different assets and administrations that are introduced by the server alone. You will always have necessary space for keeping your website's data. You have also full access to control and receive a good defence for your site with always online status without breaks. You can locate that dedicated web hosting is the best arrangement that is offered for hosting your own site (US, UK, etc.), yet the most exceedingly terrible thing about it is that it is the most costly answer for getting your site facilitated. In this way, you should pay for the outright opportunity that you get, equipment, upkeep and for alternate administrations that are dedicated only for you without being imparted to others. Dedicated web hosting is prescribed for huge entrepreneurs to address their organizations' issues. You have the possibility of ordering Windows dedicated server, Linux dedicated server or etc.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting that is referred to amongUX design individuals as Virtual Private Server is thought out by numerous website admins as a good choice because it's cheaper than dedicated servers and is match for low traffic websites.

In Virtual server hostings you can find a lot of functions the same as in the dedicated servers. But the price is different. In VPS hosting you can receive required size of space, the required data transfer capacity and the unwavering quality that guarantees your site to be dependably up and running. The main difference among VPS and dedicated hosting is in the second one you have the full access control panel and website is lighted without imparting this to different sites, however in Virtual server you will find that intact server is partitioned into other a few VPSs that are detached.

You receive a VPS or some pieces of the server dedicated only for you, not related to other sites. You are granted to the privilege to control just your VPS and not the entire server like what occurs in dedicated hosting. And if the server is granted to other sites only you can fully manage your VPS without being gotten to by other sites on the server. The administrations are displayed at a low cost in light of the fact that the entire cost is imparted to different sites that are facilitated on a similar server. If you find that VPS is not equipped for fulfilling you, addressing your business' needs and the developing number of activity, then you can migrate your site to dedicated server hosting.

Along these lines, VPS is considered by numerous website admins as a trade off between shared hosting which is the best decision for novices or entrepreneurs and dedicated server which is the best answer for huge entrepreneurs who need bigger measure of data transfer capacity and plate space to suit the substance of their sites and to have the capacity to meet their developing requests and high web activity. This implies relying upon your necessities and your business' prerequisites, you will have the capacity to figure out which hosting sort and plan will be more reasonable for you.

A lot of hosting organizations that offer distinctive answers for their clients to have their sites lighted. When you are searching for a web lighting organization you pick one that suggests VPS and dedicated server to make it simple for you to migrateh to anybody of them as per your needs and the measure of your business. And we are suggesting you to order these two types of hosting on the one of the best hosting company - “123 Dedicated Server”.